Beauté Pacifique

Research and advances in the understanding of skin conditions such as acne and rosacea as well as aging skin , ultimately has led to the creation of Beauté Pacifique. An International skin care company who’s Cosmeceuticals are advanced skin care products that combine cosmetics with pharmaceuticals.

Our products do not just improve the surface appearance of skin but actually improve the biological function in the deeper levels of the skin using active ingredients.

Beauté Pacifique is proud of its patented delivery system that delivers active ingredient to the deepest levels of the skin. The products visibly improve the appearance of the skin by repairing and rebuilding the collagen fibre structure in the entire depth of the skin. This result has been backed up by clinical studies and observations, as well as ultrasound scanning.

With the Dermascan Ultrasound, we can examine the customer’s skin down to the dermal levels to reveal the true condition, structure, density, youthfulness, and damage to the skin at its deepest layers. After only 5 days of using Beauté Pacifique treatment creams, a re-scan can prove the outstanding anti-ageing results.