Show your Mum some love with a Paradoxe pamper package

We all want the best for our Mum, and there is no better way to show her you care than with Crème Paradoxe anti-ageing day crème, and Corpus Paradoxe body oil.

Our excellent and revolutionising anti-ageing day cream, Crème Paradoxe is based on two new medical discoveries Resveratrol and Procyanidin. These combine with Vitamin A esters to normalise the skin and stimulate the repair processes, providing a uniform surface and leaving a complexion feeling as soft as silk. Suitable for all skin types, this unique crème delays the ageing process, repairs sun damage and rebuilds a healthy and robust skin.

Corpus Paradoxe body oil penetrates quickly and gives renewed softness from head to toe.

In addition, the “near-medical” anti-ageing effect build up a remarkable protection of the cells provided by the two highly active ingredients Resveratrol and Procyanidin. Use Corpus Paradoxe every day after showering, on moist skin.

Don’t waste any time. Treat your Mum today.


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