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All the benefits of retinoic acid – without the adverse side effects.

What is Super 3 booster?

Super 3 Booster is a revolutionary skin care product originating from Danish dermatologic device engineers searching for cosmetic formulations that would show evidence of effect on dermal depth sonograms. As inventors of both a brain ultrasound scanner and dermal ultrasound device, the engineers used an advanced method known from the Danish dairy industry to create a negatively charged fat nanosphere, comprised of squalane, to encapsulate vitamin A derivatives. This squalanenanoparticle, an internationally patented delivery system, has the unique ability to both immediatelypenetrate and initiate collagen restoration. Vitamin A is the skin’s golden vitamin for stimulating cellproliferation, unification, and regulating sebum. Most importantly, the vitamin A derivatives can be delivered with minimal conversion to the active form the skin cell needs without creating inflammation;

How does Super 3 Booster uniquely benefit you?

You receive a powerful age fighter and acne controlling formulation without the typical adverse side effects. Super 3 can be used by people with the most sensitive skin.

What makes Super 3 different than other vitamin a products?

Super 3 Booster is comprised of the most bioavailable form of vitamin A, the esters, which are delivered via nanosphere squalane encapsulation. Synergistically these vitamin A esters are proven to be more stable, efficacious, and less irritating to the skin than retinol and prescription Retinoids.

How does Super 3 work?

Beaute Pacifique utilizes squalane, our most abundant skin lipid that decreases with age, toencapsulate evidence based active ingredients, retinyl palmitate, acetate, and propionate, for directdelivery to the vitamin A receptor sites on the skin cells. Thus, avoiding the unnecessary vitamin Aconversion to meet receptor site requirements and resulting inflammation. Vitamin A must be in theester form to enter the cell. Once inside the skin cell, the vitamin A is then converted to retinoic acid for DNA nuclear receptor sites. Ultrasound scanning of cutaneous tissue treated with Super 3 reveals rejuvenated, thicker collagen and restored dermal matrix. Licorice and Propolis are added forantimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and pigment reducing effects.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Most individuals notice improvement of skin quality, reduction of pore size, overall tone, and adewiness to the skin within just five days. The results are visually measurable changes that continue to improve over time.

Is Super 3 safe?

BP’s Super 3 is sold as an OTC (over the counter), therefore, must be safe for consumers. Denmark has stricter product safety standards than the US. Therefore, meets the ever growing consumer desire for completely natural products.

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