Creme Metamorphique Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Essentially this allows them to take a peek deep into your dermis, allowing them to figure out which of their magical lotions and potions will best delay our inevitable demise into ‘oldsville’.

Thousands have had their skin tested and the results from using Beaute Pacifique’s products speak for themselves. From the scans, you can see how thick your skin is, how much collagen is left and the extent of sun damage sustained from all of those beach holiday getaways. At 20, the fibres are typically intact. In the image below there is a lot of red and yellow indicating the presence of collagen. At 30 you can see the skin is slightly aged and degenerated. At 40, there are further signs of ageing and dark spots indicate bad areas of sun damage and at 50 the fibres have visibly degenerated…

So what can we do about it? According to Beaute Pacifique, quite a lot. One of the recommendations: The ‘wonder cream’ Crème Metamorphique aims to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, correct sun damage and improve elasticity.

After one month of use (one application at night before bed) I’ve really enjoyed using the cream, and despite having used it solidly for over a month I’ve only just made a small dip in the jar – I feel that this goes a long way towards justifying its price point. The cream sinks into the skin gloriously within a minute of application leaving a luxuriously creamy texture that I look forward to each night. One of the biggest plus points is that by using both retinol and vitamin A derivatives the molecules of the cream are small enough to sink deep into your skin and help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This plumps out your skin and essentially keeps it from sagging. Merrily, I’m still too young to see a visible difference in this regard, but I feel that with continued use, my face wouldn’t cave in (as much) when I’m old and grey.

As far as radiance goes, I have gained a natural ‘glow’ to my skin. This is also the first cream I’ve used that hasn’t left my skin feeling sensitive and flaky after using it night after night (a total horror if you wish to wear foundation). With Crème Metamorphique, I can wear it every single night and not have to worry about the slightest tickle of irritation. Perfection.

Creme Metamorphique

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