Why DermaScan?

At Beauté Pacifique we offer a DermaScan skin ultrasound. Why? So that you can see the degeneration of your skin that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Using the advanced Medical Ultrasound DermaScan Machine we can show you the changes within the skin across the entire depth and pinpoint areas which show decreased levels of collagen and elastin as well as the quality of your epidermis and any damage you may have sustained from your summer getaway.

Anti-Age Solution

By using the DermaScan results we are able to personalise your skin care programme to address your skin concerns. A unique Vitamin-A cream – Crème Metamorphique – has been developed in order to target the areas addressed by the DermaScan. The Crème Métamorphique cream has been scientifically proven to be capable of penetrating the deepest areas of the skin whilst strengthening the skins elastic fibre structure after just 5 days of treatment, recreating a beautiful and radiant complexion and a youthful texture.

Personalised Skin Care Regime

Want to see the DermaScan in action? Come and try it for yourself at one of our many DermaScan events held across the country! You will experience a one-on-one appointment from a Beauté Pacifique specialist to scientifically analyse your skin and obtain reading on the condition/construction of your skin down to its deepest layers in order to construct a personalised skin care regime to target the signs of ageing. The combined treatments available from our products allows the skin’s structure to rejuvenate significantly improving the skins strength, thickness, texture and resilience giving you the most potent Anti-Age defence on the market.

We invite you to have a complimentary personal skin scan on Thursday 29th October, from 1-8pm at Clinica Medica Glasgow. Trained consultants will be available to offer advice or to provide samples. Tester skin facials can be booked in advance by calling the clinic on 0141 356 6969 to book your space. Join us for a glass of wine – bring a friend to Clinica Medica, 49-52 Crow Road, Glasgow. Or to find out other clinics throughout the UK visit here.

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