Eczema Relief & Treatment UK

Eczema is a common chronic inflammatory skin disorder that can be caused by many factors. It appears asEczema a dry skin rash, often with red and scaly skin, however, may result in a variety of symptoms, such as- skin swelling,  itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing or bleeding.

Temporary skin discoloration and scarring may also occur as a result of scratching uncomfortable rashes caused by Eczema.

An estimated one in every nine people in the UK have been diagnosed with Eczema at some point in their lives.

At Beauté Pacifique we treat a lot of clients who suffer from Eczema and depending on the severity of the condition it may be that you will need to seek additional medical help.

Eczema care routine

Extra Dry Skin Fix helps to maintain a high level of moisture continuously throughout the day soothing and calming irritation within the skin.

Minimise skin irritant by using products that are extremely mild with less irritation to the skin than pure water.

Eczema treatment we recommend

  • Using Seriously Mild Shower Gel on a daily basis
  • To apply Enriched Moisturising Body Lotion for dry skin to provide significantly elevated moisture levels in the skin
  • To regularly apply Xtra Dry Skin Fix to affected skin, this crème is designed especially for skin with extreme dryness
  • Consider taking the supplement LA 40 to hep relieve dry skin symptoms while helping to restore the skin resilience and firmness.
  • Hand crème is available in 50 ml tubes to carry in the hand bag – suitable for use on Eczema skin.


  • Apply crème gently in the direction of hair growth.
  • Never rub up and down as this could trigger itching, block the hair follicles or create heat in the inflamed skin.
  • Apply all over the skin but particularly to dry areas whenever the skin becomes dry.
  • Continue to apply the crème even when the eczema has improved and this will prevent flare ups.