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This habit can cost us a huge spend on creams and potions every year but this habit is not necessarily contributing to a healthy youthful skin.

Many women complain of dry sensitive skin, while we are seeing an increase in adult acne, spots oily skin open pores and pigmentation. All of these skin problems may be as a direct result of using moisturisers that contain sulphates and chemicals.

Moisturisers are usually a mix of water and emollients, such as mineral or plant oils and these stop the water from evaporating from our skin. They may also contain a humectant which draws water from the deeper layer soft the skin, this, in turn, is what leaves the skin feeling moist and temporarily relieves that tight dry feeling.

The application of moisturisers reduces the skin biological activity to moisturise itself and the cycle begins, less skin activity more moisture and less activity, this becomes a vicious cycle. Dead cells gather on the surface, the skin becomes dull and dry; the moisturiser doesn’t have the same effect as before and we go in search of heavier moisturisers.

What we really need to do is repair the skin and to make it work more efficiently. Our skin is designed to store its water in the deeper levels and the surface layer is made from flattened hardened skin cells, a mix of fats protein and water this keeping everything tightly packed together protecting us and keeping the water in the skin. This upper layer produces its own hydration in the form of NMF (normal moisturising factor), proteins, urea and lactic acid. Maintaining the integrity of the skins upper layer regulates our hydration, natural exfoliating and protects us from environmental pollution, bacteria and the UV damage from the sun.

Healthy skin begins with a skin care regime to correctly cleanse and repair the skin activity within the deeper layers. Each skin care regime should be provided to support any underlying skin problem that may present and should include cleansing, natural exfoliation and a night time treatment product to delivers the super hero of skin rejuvenation and skin repair in the form of a topical vitamin A.

At Beaute Pacifique we carefully guide our clients to choosing a programme to provide extraordinary effective skin care to help repair and prevent age changes and sun damage. We have simple steps to repair ageing skin, support and manage oily/ acne and rosacea skin with advanced products to treat pigmentation or to whiten and lighten dark skin and even out blemishes.

Be patient, it takes time for the skin to repair itself, for those who do need that extra moisture then oil free moisturiser from Beaute Pacifique is Ideal for both oily and combination skin due to its light texture, that provides a matte surface. Created for those who are concerned about shine and the duration of their make up. This product is designed to minimise shine whilst providing an excellent base for make-up.

Apply every day after cleansing it is a unique textured lotion that is exceptionally good in combination with daily treatment product -Defy Damage Skin Repair Lotion.

Simply allow a few minutes for the Defy Damage Skin Repair Lotion to penetrate, before applying a small pump of the Oil-Free Moisturizer.


  • Gives an excellent moisture level without adding an oily residue.
  • Provides an ideal base for makeup that stays perfect all day long.
  • Provides Squalane that makes the skin soft and in perfect condition.
  • Ideal for both men and women and loved by the young person.

This product comes in a 40 ml. dispenser.

Help is always on hand, either by email or live chat to answer any of your questions. Our trial packs allow you to try the product at a greatly reduced price and contain enough product for more than 7 days.

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