Skin Care Consultation

Online Skin Care Consultation UK

We understand from time to time you need a bit more assistance with your skincare needs.

Our online appointment system enables you to have an online consultation with one of our expert skin care clinicians.

These appointments are available to make your life easier and are all conducted online via Online Chat, Phone, Skype or face to face in one of our clinics.

All appointments are treated in the strictest confidence.

Online chat

Need a chat about your skincare, need to ask a quick question, then click on the pop-up box at the bottom of your screen and one of our trained clinicians will be on hand to help and assist. Our online consultations are always free of charge.

Clinic referral

There a number of Beauté Pacifique skincare experts within the UK.

All our partner clinics are experienced clinicians and trained in all aspects of the Beauté Pacifique range of skincare products. If you feel you need a one to one consultation with a skincare expert then please contact us to make an appointment.


Just give us a call on 0845 519 6145 & one of our trained clinicians will be on hand to help and assist with any skin problems you may be having.