What is the miracle ingredient in Beaute Pacifique products?

Vitamin A.

And what does Vitamin A do to the skin?

  • Thickens and stimulates the Dermis – where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are – so it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the skin’s surface
  • Increases the deposition of collagen and slows the breakdown of collagen and elastin which happens as part of the normal ageing process
  • Normalises blood flow and helps reduce the symptoms of Rosacea and wound healing exfoliates – making skin smooth and even
  • Repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis and optimises UV protection.
  • Decreases the clustering of melanin granules – reducing brown spots or pigmentation
  • Decreases sebum production and treats acne brilliantly
  • Promotes a healthy cellular membrane which helps the eradication of pre-cancerous skin lesions
  • Improves hydration both in and around the cell

All forms of Vitamin A are potent and effective, but initially products containing it were found to cause dryness and skin irritation Beaute Pacifique’s nanodroplet delivery system of encapsulated esters – with no added irritants or nasty chemicals – enhances the results with no annoying side effects.

Our medical strength skincare products are transported to the basal layer and the dermis. This carries the active Vitamin A esters through all the skin’s structures to the receptor on the cell.

In this way, there is no drying of the skin, no redness and no irritation.

Use your Vitamin A at least twice a week and you will reap benefits.

But for maximum effect, Beaute Pacifique Vitamin A products can be used morning
and night.