What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that mainly affects people aged between 30-50yrs although sometimes seen in younger age groups. Rosacea can be a challenging condition that will require long term skin care.

Early signs of rosacea include:-

  • Flushing and redness of the centre of the face
  • Sometimes with Papules or Pustules that resemble sores that looks like Acne
  • Visible broken blood vessels, known as Telangiectasia on the face
  • Oily skin with large sebaceous pores
  • Sensitive or painful skin, i.e stinging and burning sensation may be felt
  • Rosacea may affect the eye including itching, dryness and photophobia

Rosacea symptoms are often associated with triggers, identifying these triggers that flare up the condition and avoiding them will help to manage the symptoms.

Suggestions that may help is to avoid drastic changes in temperature, eating of spicy foods and experiencing increased levels of stress if possible. The use of a daily trigger record may be useful.

Beauté Pacifique skin care products have been developed together with Danish Dermatologists to help repair skin and are designed specifically for your skin health.

We encourage use of our online chat, Skype or telephone for consultations, as a skin care professional is available to provide personal on-going support as required. .Remember we offer samples of our products if requested.

At Beauté Pacifique we treat a lot of clients who suffer from Rosacea. Depending on the severity of the condition it may be that you will need to seek additional medical help.

Suggested Optimal Skin Care Routine

1. Prepare the skin by applying Cleansing Milk for sensitive skin or use One Step cleansing water

2. No cleansing in the morning, instead replace cleansing with use of Toner for dry skin

3. Apply Crème Paradoxe  in the morning to stimulate the repair process of the skin, to normalise the skin and provide a more uniform surface and pigmentation

4. If papules or pustules  present, recommended to use Oil Free Moisturiser in the morning until skin clears

5. Apply Clinical Super 3 Booster in the evening as night créme

One of the most important aspects of managing Rosacea is the daily use of Stay Beautiful Sun Screen