Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis

To treat Psoriasis of the scalp apply the Clinical UG Exfoliator Creme to the scalp on the affected areas and leave overnight to act. (Use an old towel to avoid contact to bed linen) Next morning rinse off with plenty of luke warm water and shampoo using Beaute Pacifique Shampoo For Fine Hair, to avoid drying of the scalp. It is crucial to avoid the use of aggressive shampoos that will irritate the scalp and worsen the Psoriasis condition.

Repeat the entire procedure every night until the dry areas have cleared completely and thereafter once per week. Application of Defy Damage to the scalp every morning may be recommended. Apply it very sparsely on to dry areas using a cotton bud – apply to the entire scalp if necessary and convenient.

It is very common for plaque Psoriasis to occur on the scalp.It usually looks similar to Psoriasis on other areas of the body. It can often be prone to a thick build up that causes dandruff like flakes to shed .

It is often noticeable around the hairline and the scalp may feel itchy .

Suggested Optimal Skin Routines

  • Use shampoo for fine hair to wash hair
  • Apply Clinical Super 3 UG crème to scalp at bedtime.
  • Apply Defy Damage to dry scaly areas along the hair line

Please also consider:-

  • A daily in take of 4 Derma+ LA40 tablets per 60 kgs body weight for at least 2 months thereafter 3 tablets daily.

Note that the moisturizing effect from the tablets will be optimal only after a minimum of 2 months of treatment.

When applying treatments, it is important to make sure they are applied to the scalp itself, rather than just the hair. Scalp treatments often make hair greasy, so some people find it more convenient to apply at night and then wash their hair in the morning . Recommended to cover the pillow with a towel to protect staining of the bed linen.