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Crème Paradoxe Night Cream


For optimal postponement of the processes of ageing, use our effective Paradoxe Anti-Age Night Creme. It moisturises, soothes and combats ageing and sun damage at the same time. The creme combines a number of active ingredients, each of which has a unique ability to rebuild and repair the skin. It is particularly effective against the free radicals and stress in the skin, which too much sunlight can cause.

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The preventive properties of Paradoxe Anti-Age Night Creme are mainly based on Beauté Pacifique’s own source of unique Chilean grape extract, which possesses an exceptionally high content of natural resveratrol and procyanidin, which keep the skin young and healthy longer. These active ingredients are transported deep into the skin, encapsulated in the skin’s own oil (squalane), which also keeps the skin silky smooth. In order to provide the best possible anti-age effect, the creme also contains a supplement of two highly active Vitamin A esters, which help restore lost elasticity in the same way that Beauté Pacifique’s well-documented Creme Métamorphique does. The ingredients -URSOLATE and -OLEANOLATE further support the anti-age effect by generating new, particularly vital fibres. To reduce the visibility of small blood vessels in the skin, a cocktail of ingredients (REFIRMING) has been added to contract the blood vessels. Protective liquorice root extract means that this highly active creme can be used even on sensitive skin without undesirable side effects. The creme also contains Vitamin E, which combats free radicals and stress in the skin. Combine the night creme with the day creme from the same range for maximum effect.

Application: Apply to cleansed skin every evening.

Unique Benefits
• Repairs and rebuilds the skin from within with effective agents
• Prevents age-related changes and sun damage
• Has a sustained moisturising effect and makes the skin silky smooth
• Can be applied to sensitive skin

Main Ingredients
2. Vitis Vinifera/ Grape Seed Oil (This special Chilean oil contains a very high amount of Resveratrol and a significant amount of Procyanidin). Comprehensive medical documentation proves that both Resveratrol and Procyanidin can delay aging and prolong the cells’ lifespan – and therefore this product keeps the skin young and healthy for a longer time.

5. Squalane is an oil naturally occurring in human skin and is an important part of the lipid system. Its penetration capacity is remarkably high. Young and healthy skin contains a high amount of squalane but the level will decrease dramatically with age. Therefore squalane is absorbed excellently into sun damaged and aged skin. A lack of squalane within the skin can lead to premature aging, very dry skin and a loss of elasticity. Areas of constantly exposed, dry and prematurely aged skin become incredibly soft immediately when squalane is applied in the right formulation.

14. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder is a natural raw material that functions as a natural humectant, and is well known for its soothing and healing properties.

15-22 Refirming is a mixture of natural extracts that is a vascular constrictor and reinforces the skin’s elastic proportions. Exellent in treating “Teleangiectasies“ and red cheeks. 23. Glycyrrhiza Glabra / Licorice Root Extract is the extract from Liquorice Root. This is well known as a wound healing extract, helping to reduce irritation within the skin and providing instant comfort to sensitive skin. It enables the skin to accept strongly reacting ingredients with less side effects, enabling more effective ingredients to be tolerated by sensitive skin.

26. Tocopheryl Acetate is a type of Vitamin E that plays an important role by protecting both the skin and the product against harmful free radicals.

30. Sodium Ursolate og

41. Sodium Oleanoate are two very powerful ingredients with a unique capacity to repair aged and sun damaged skin. The most remarkable scientific findings are the recreated collagen fibre structures at the same level as found in young skin. This rejuvenates completely the treated skin, including a striking recreation of the surface of the skin’s micro-topography.