Spring Cleanse Your Skin

Now is a great time to carry out a Spring Cleanse on your skin.

Which is why we’ve got a fantastic Easter offer on all Beaute Pacifique cleansers.

But get your orders in fast. They are discounted for seven days only.

Cleansing is the cornerstone of every good skincare routine, essential for removing make-up, pollutants or chemicals which prevent skin from regenerating.

Beaute Pacifique has a range of cleansers to suit all skin types – nine products in total with prices ranging from £24.50 to £29.50.

But as a Good Friday treat for our customers, we’re slashing prices to £20 on all products for seven days only. Meaning you could get up to 32% off your favourite cleansers.

Our One Step Cleansing Water is an efficient cleanser yet mild to the skin. It removes dirt and makeup from the face, eye zone and décolleté while adding extra moisture and care. It can be used on all skin types – including sensitive skin – and contains an efficient cleansing and refreshing formulation that maintains the skin’s natural barrier.

Or try one of our Enriched Cleansing Milks – we have one for dry skin and one for all skin types. This super refreshing product removes make-up and oiliness, cleansing gently without drying the skin by loosening and washing away dead skin cells, leaving the skin healthy and hydrated.

To wash all the impurities away, why not treat yourself to our Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, which contains three different forms of clay, each capable of binding and removing excessive oily residues from the surface of the skin.

The products included in this offer are:

Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover, normally £24.50; One Step Cleansing Water, normally £24.95; Enriched Toner Dry Skin, normally £26.50; Enriched Toner All Skin, normally £26.50; Enriched Cleansing Milk Dry Skin, normally £26.50; Enriched Cleansing Milk All Skin, £26.50; Gentle Facial Exfoliator, £27.50; Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, £29; Cleansing Foam, £29.50.

So don’t delay. Start your Spring Cleansing regime fast and get your products ordered before midnight on Friday, April 6 when this special offer ends.