Treating the pain and irritation of Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that affects many of us in different ways.

It can be caused by various irritants or allergens, contact with certain metals (perhaps new earrings) or contact with certain chemicals or detergents.

Stress may play a major part in exacerbating the skin condition.

However, the cause or trigger is sometimes difficult to find and it is worth keeping a diary of what makes it worse.

Skin affected by Eczema can be inflamed, red, dry, cracked and often very itchy. Scratching causes weeping or bleeding, leading to infection.

The best starting point is to treat and manage your Eczema, so that it doesn’t get in the way of your everyday life.

  • If itching is a problem, begin by managing the itching
  • Learn what further irritates the skin condition
  • Discover how to dress to avoid further irritation
  • Understand which allergens and substances can further irritate your condition

I have worked for many years with Eczema sufferers and found real results with Beaute Pacifique products, specifically designed to treat irritable skin conditions.

Eczema Before & After

The above picture shows one of my clients, a young mum who developed Eczema, but was unable to find the cause. She received 9 weeks of LED phototherapy and used Xtra Dry Skin Fix and Seriously Mild Shower Gel by Beaute Pacifique to achieve the end result.

To stop irritation within the skin, Xtra Dry Skin Fix repairing cream works effectively to soothe and calm irritation. This clinical cream can be applied morning and evening, or as often as needed.

Another option is Clinical Super3 Anti-Itching Creme, which moisturises, soothes and relieves irritated skin. The anti-itching cream also has anti-inflammatory effects, which stimulates the collagen syntheses and helps rebuild the ceramides in the epidermis, for maximum Eczema relief.